Z&A Chauffeur

Now that The Femdom Hunt VII is over, it's time to release the gifts into the main store and onto the Second Life Marketplace. The first product to make available is one that has been on my "todo" list for a while, and the hunt finally gave me a good reason to get it written:


One of the great benefits of a leash in Second Life is that someone else gets to do all the work. When you take your sub/slave out shopping, for example, the dominant gets to do all the walking and dragging around and the sub/slave... well, they get to sit back and enjoy the ride, or cam around at their leisure.

It was then pointed out to me one day that this isn't really a "benefit"; or at least the wrong end of the leash was getting the benefit.. And so, after a lot of "persuasion", the Z&A Chauffeur was born.

Simply put: it's a pairing of a dominant and a sub HUD that allows the dominant to be invisibly "leashed", but under the dominant's control. With the Z&A Chauffeur it's the dominant who gets to sit back, relax, and have someone else do all the keyboard mashing and finding of landmarks.

What you get

In the package you'll find three different HUDs. They are called:

Z&A Chauffeur (Submissive)

This is the HUD that the sub/slave should wear. It has copy/transfer permissions so you are free to give out as many copies as you like. Note that, while RLV is not required for this HUD to work, it's expected that RLV will be used; it makes most sense if your "driver" (the submissive) is using RLV.

Z&A Chauffeur (Dominant)

This is the HUD that the dominant should wear.

Z&A Chauffeur (Dominant, RLV)

This is a version of the dominant HUD that adds a couple of extra features if the dominant also has RLV switched on. These features are: 1) turning your avatar and camera to better face the direction of walking, 2) when your "driver" offers you a teleport you'll automatically accept it (this saves you having to reach for your mouse).

What it does

The main purpose of the HUD combination is that it lets the dominant auto-follow the submissive, but always in a way where the dominant is in control:

It's very important that the "driver" doesn't do anything to embarrass you, so control over being "forced" to run and fly is built in:

If you have a number of locations you like to visit often, the bookmark facility should be helpful:

If you like to use RLV yourself, there's a version of the Dominant HUD that uses RLV for a couple of extra features:

I think it's a great little product that can be used to make a submissive serve a very useful purpose while out and about on the grid.

Those who want to take the submissive role can ask a Z&A Chauffeur owner for a copy of the submissive's HUD so they can wear it all the time, ready to be claimed at any moment. I've also made the submissive HUD available for free in the main store and on the Second Life Marketplace:

Grab this. Wear it all the time. Who knows, the next time you're at your favourite kink hangout, or shopping event, you might find yourself being claimed and forced into service!

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