Some advice if you find yourself stuck on a Z&A product after relog

Hi, Antony here. I had rather an odd experience this morning, when logging in, that resulted in me being stuck on a Z&A product and, initially, unable to get off it.

First a little background: when I log off for the night I have a habit of locking myself on one of our double subbie beds. I don't do this as a form of self-bondage (for one thing, Miss Vila frowns on me using self-bondage -- for some strange reason she seems to think it's my way of telling her I can do better *winks*), just as a way of going to bed such that, when I log in in the morning, I'm still in bed (see, RLV isn't all about BDSM -- it can be used to solve that "avatars don't stay in bed post relog" problem).

This morning, when I logged in, I did the usual thing of clicking on the bed, selecting the "Wake" option, and then going to press the viewer's "Stand Up" button. Only... there was no "Stand Up" button. Anyone who uses any of our devices (or anyone else's that deny stand) will know that's how it works -- RLV is used to stop you standing up again until the keyholder unlocks you. And that last part is the important part. I'd unlocked myself and I still couldn't stand.

I used the menu again and saw that I could lock again, so that meant the bed thought I was unlocked. I locked again, unlocked again, nothing. No "Stand Up" button.

After a brief moment of panic (was the rest of my Second Life going to be spent locked on a bed?) I decided to relog and, when I did, I was free of the bed. I then decided to check my RLV restriction list (Advanced >> RLVa >> Restrictions... in Phoenix) and noticed it was in a right mess. None of the restrictions in there was showing the name of the item applying the restriction, only the UUID of the item was showing. Then I went and checked in my inventory and noticed that almost every prim attachment I had was showing that it wasn't actually worn.

I'd been hit by the server attachment error.

As best as I can tell (and this is a guess) I think the "can't get off the bed" problem came down to my relay (in this case iControl) being worn and not worn all at the same time.

I ended up having to go to a different region, turning off RLVa, relogging, removing all restraints (including my collar -- that's the first time in the year I've been wearing it that I've had to remove it myself, that didn't feel good at all), attaching them again from inventory, turning on RLVa and relogging again. This appears to have cleared the problem.

So, the reason for this ramble about my problems? This might hit you too. It's a very common problem on the grid right now. You might see people talking about "RLVa assertion errors" -- what I had above is the underlying cause of that. If you experience something like I've described I'd suggest you follow the route I took and you should be okay.

And keep in mind that this problem might affect any Z&A restraints you have on too. Same thing applies.

Finally, can I suggest you go and vote on and add a watch to this JIRA? The more people who do, the more attention this problem will get.

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