Z&A at Brigadoon Station

Recently we've been having a play with MoDesign's MoVe! vendor system. In the first instance Antony has been making some Punishment Picker vendor boards with the system and, so far, he's been finding it very easy to set up and use (here at Z&A we've got zero experience with networked vendor systems so this is all new to us).

In the process of looking for some suitable locations to put out a vendor board Zardia stumbled on Brigadoon Station. It's an interesting idea, acting as a gateway to various BDSM sims (literally, there are gateways you can go through). If you've not been there yet we'd highly recommend going and having a look. There's also some RLV-enabled toys there to keep a sub/slave occupied too.

And, of course, Z&A now have a presence there too:

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  1. Yay! :) BTW, you should look forward to a revamp in a month or three. YOu know how SL is, it's either very quick, or it's just around the corner for six or seven months.