All Change at Z&A

Regular readers will know that it's almost three months now since we moved our main store to Shackles. When we moved we made a point of using the same building for our main store. There were two reasons for this. The first was that we really like the building (a Woolman Sky-Store, if you're interested) and didn't want to change it without a good reason. The second was we were trying to do the move quickly so essentially copying everything as it was made life easier.

However... the store was getting a little "cosy". The more we built, the harder it was to fit things in. At our last location we didn't have much choice -- the store was about as big as we could fit on the plot -- but with the move to Shackles we had more space so we could use a bigger build.

So, a few weeks back, we (Zardia and Antony) finally decided that it was time to replace the shop. We looked all over for something that would work, would fit, would be the right sort of size and would "feel" right for us. We looked at some great builds but none of them were quite right. That was when Miss Vila got her build belt on. Fast forward to today and the "Under Construction" sign went out:

A little later, there was lots of floating stock and no shop:

We then rezzed the new build in place and set to work moving all the stock into its new positions.

At this point we should note that those dommes and doms who like to drag their subs and slaves around on a leash might like to note that we now have stairs! No more battling with the lift system while unleashing your sub.

After a couple of hours work, we had everything in place. There's still some tweaking to do, we might still move things around, you might catch us throwing prims around if you come visit in the next few days. But, we're happy to announce, Z&A Productions have a new shop. A bigger shop. A shop that'll let us carry on growing.


So, please do come visit. We'd love to know what you think.

PS: Sharp-eyed readers will now know what this was all about.

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