Two new products in the main store

Z&A Productions are delighted to announce that we've released two new products to our main store.

The first is the Z&A Anti-Cam:

This is an updated and improved version of the group gift from last November. If you liked that version you'll love this one. Whereas before the victim was punished with loss of sight, this time they're punished with increasingly blurred vision that gets worse the further they cam.

It comes highly recommended by Antony's Mistress.

Second is the Z&A Leather Hood and Catsuit:

This is a greatly improved and updated version of the hunt gift we recently made for the BDSM hunt. We had some great feedback on that gift, especially from Vacy Mondalimare (thanks Vacy, your input was invaluable), and we listened, learned and, as much as possible, implemented.

We're really rather plased with how it turned out. Here are a few more detailed shots of the hood itself:

And here's a back view of the catsuit:

Note that the cuffs aren't included, they're just the ones that Miss Vila keeps her boy constantly locked in. And also note that there's a hint of Antony's collar in the shot too. As you can imagine, he never takes that off, ever, so it happens to show a little.

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