New in the store: Sub-Focus

Z&A Productions are pleased to announce the release of a new product, and another one that's a little different for us -- the Z&A Sub-Focus:

This is a product that Antony has been meaning to write for some time now (it's been sat on his list of things to do since at least July last year) and, finally, a few weeks back, he cracked and started work on it. Since then he's been wearing it daily, much to the delight of his Mistress.

The idea of Sub-Focus is very simple. A sub/slave wears the device and it is locked in place by their owner. From then on, when the owner is in range of their sub/slave (the range being configurable from 2m to 96m), the sub/slave has restrictions automatically placed on them. This is a great way of ensuring that, when your property is with you, they are focused on you. No more watching the mini-map to see who might be nearby, no more wandering around with the world map to see what's happening elsewhere, no more IM conversations with a dozen other people, no more passing around notecards and textures, etc...

Of course, all of these options can be modified. For example, by default, build and edit are inhibited when the owner of the sub/slave is in range. This was no good for Miss Vila as she needs her boy to be able to edit things for her, so she has Antony's Sub-Focus (which now seems to be locked on him for good) set so that he can edit and build when she's nearby.

Sub-Focus also contains a version of Z&A Anti-Cam that only activates when Sub-Focus activates. With this you can be sure that your sub's attention is being kept close to you and on you (please note that we strongly advise that you don't use Z&A Anti-Cam and Z&A Sub-Focus at the same time -- better to choose which of those devices makes more sense for the control you desire).

Sub-Focus is available from our main store:

as well as from the Second Life Marketplace and also from a number of our mall locations.

Finally: Z&A would like to thank Vacy Mondalimare and her girls for acting as extra test subjects. We hope you never have it unlocked. :-)

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