New in the store: The Z&A Shopping Bags

Z&A Productions are pleased to announce the release of a new product in store, the Z&A Shopping Bags:

Those of you who took part in The Femdom Hunt will know this product as it was our hunt gift. Now that the hunt has been over a while, and because we've had a few requests from people that we put this up for sale, we've made some changes and have now made them available as a full Z&A product.

For those who don't know: the bags are RLV-scripted and animate the victim so they appear to be uncomfortably carrying lots of shopping (each of the bags are filled with boxes and other assorted items). The domme can lock the bags in place, making it impossible for the submissive to remove them until they're permitted to do so. Their public chat is also modified (they are, after all, carrying a bag in their mouth). And, in this new version, the key holder can TP ahead and then force TP the submissive to them by sending a normal SL viewer teleport invite (they are, after all, your bags the sub is carrying -- why should you have to wait?).

You'll find the bags for sale on the marketplace and also in our main store.

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