It's almost that time of year again...

Looking around SL we're seeing a few sims turn white as particle snow falls... So we guess that's a sign that we should think about making a seasonal thing or two available.

First up, available only until Christmas, we've got a seasonal version of our Punishment Pickers. This one is, of course, a stocking to hang over your fireplace, or at the foot of your bed...

You'll find this on the marketplace and in our main store.

We've also decided to revive some gifts we made last year. So, also inside the main store...

...you'll find these two boards that, if you slap, will deliver you some Christmas RLV goodies:


  1. Dammit! Too fast guys... too fast, but there are two of you :P

  2. Because there's two of us that slows us down -- stupid timezones. ;-)