Six new cells in the cell shop

Anyone who has been into the cell shop in the past 24 hours will have noticed that it's expanded again. Just the other week it expanded in depth to take nine new cells. This time around we've put in a mezzanine floor to allow even more cells to fit in.

And the cells that caused this further expansion? Well, this time, we've got a very solid and seamless looking metal cell:

We've got two smart and simple wood and concrete cells that would work really well in a clean and airy apartment setting:

For those who want a bit more space, and a rough outdoor look, we've got two more metal cells with heavy bars:

And, finally, we've got a rather goth-looking glass cell:

As always, you'll find all of these cells in the cell shop at our main store, and also on the marketplace.

PS: If we ignore yesterday's product announcement, we've managed, after a whole 24 hours, to return the release ball back to Evelock again. ;-)

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