Two new cells and four new gags

This week (no, don't worry, releases haven't turned weekly, we've just been on a bit of a build binge) we're delighted to announce the release of six new products: two more cells and four new gags.

We got to thinking that, while we have many pretty cells, as well as a good number of grungy cells, we don't have anything that screams "fetish". With this in mind, we've built two padded latex cells:

Both are designed as seamless padded cells with no windows and, when closed, no visible door.

Following on from our new gag releases a couple or so weeks back, we've added four new forniphilic gags to our gag range. First off, for those who enjoy a smoking fetish, we have the ashtray gag:

For those subs and slaves who wish to be useful and light the way for their Mistress or Master, we have the candle gag:

For the romantic sub or slave, who wishes to impress with a simple single flower, we have the vase gag:

And, finally, for the sub or slave who wishes to keep their Mistress or Master dry when out and about, we have the umbrella gag:

As always, you'll find all of these items at our main store, or on the marketplace.

PS: Given the strain some of those gags will put on the victim's neck, you might want to consider a posture collar to help them. Which reminds us... it's Evelock's turn to release something now (and we would remind them that for every release they make we're managing six or more ;-) ).

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