Nine new cells in the cell shop

It's not quite a month since we unveiled the new cell shop, and the new range of cells, at the start of The Femdom Hunt, but that hasn't stopped us experimenting and trying out different cell designs. Today we've released nine new cells into the (newly expanded -- really, we had to make it bigger) cell store, and we've also put the cell we built for The Femdom Hunt out for sale too.

As is the Z&A way, we've added a fun mix of different types of cells that will fit all sorts of styles of sim and role play.

For those times when you want a cell, but you don't necessarily want to be taking up too much space on the ground, we've created the Stilt Cell. This comes in three textures; wooden, rust and steel:

We've also added three more dungeon-oriented cells:

For those who might want something a little more "prison yard" or "urban", we have this metal cell made mostly of chicken wire:

If you're looking for something a little "softer" that might look good in a woodland area or a garden, we've added this wooden cell:

Also aimed at the garden is this cell which we built for The Femdom Hunt:

And, of course, no garden is complete without a greenhouse...

Now, sure, breaking out of a greenhouse cell isn't that tricky a prospect, but what sub or slave in their right mind would really break something so attractive?

As always, you'll find all of the above on the marketplace and also down at our main store. You can't miss the cell shop, it's off to the side overlooking the garden outside of the main building.

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