Welcome back Beaumont Manor

Since the early days of Z&A we've always been lucky to have the support and encouragement of many people and locations in Second Life. Especially important to us, given that it's the primary driving force for many of our products, is the support we've had from many members of Second Life's Femdom community. One such region that's always provided plenty of encouragement is Beaumont Manor.

So, understandably, we were a little sad when, a while back, Beaumont Manor had to scale back. And, as you can imagine, we were delighted to hear that the Manor was expanding and growing to a full region again. We've been and had a tour and it looks wonderful. And, of course, there's some Z&A toys sprinkled around the place.

This weekend sees the grand opening of the new Beaumont Manor, and everyone is invited:

The official opening event starts at noon, Second Life time, tomorrow (September 1st) and runs until 4pm. As you can see in the above invite, there's all sorts of music, including life performances.

You can find the new Beaumont Manor here:

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