A new mansion for Raven Park

Over the past six or so weeks we've been working away, on a build platform high above Raven Park, creating something we've been wanting to create for quite a while now.

The plan for the project goes back quite some time, at least a year, before the plot that was known as Shackles Femdom became Raven Park. When we first took over complete ownership of Shackles we decided that we'd like to update the building known as The Mansion. While the building we were using was (and still is) a great build, the layout was never quite right for our needs. Because of this we kept saying that we should custom-build a mansion building that would be exactly what was needed. Much time passed and other projects got worked on and completed, but we finally got round to this one.

Today we dropped the new building in place:

All the rooms the old Raven Park Mansion used to have are still there (two BDSM play rooms, a pamper room and the office) but, this time, there's space for more. We have firm plans for the extra rooms but, while the "old" rooms are still there and ready to use, the new rooms will look like this:

until we get around to furnishing them.

Please feel free to drop in, explore, play and make the most of The Mansion. We hope you have as much fun using it as we had building it and will have furnishing it.

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