Dance this Saturday

This Saturday sees us hosting another Raven Park dance. As usual the music will be provided by Eve Terr and, this time, she's also building a special venue for the event. And she seems to be rather enjoying it. Perhaps a little too much:

If the reports we're getting are true it seems she's raising her own army of the living dead. Seems we might need your help to defeat it and keep Raven Park the attractive home of the living we all know and love. So, you get the theme? That's right, it's:

Zombie Apocalypse!

No matter if you like your zombies fast or slow. No matter if you're more Romero or Pegg. No matter if you're a survivor or one of the walking dead. Come join us, listen to two hours of the best metal (did we mention it'll be a metal zombie apocalypse? Of course the music will be metal. What else would you listen to as you blast zombies? Or even if you are a zombie), and possibly battle zombie hordes.

Also, as a bonus, for the duration of the dance we're relaxing Raven Park's "no weapons" rule. If you're coming as a survivor, feel free to come armed to the teeth.

Don't forget though, for the duration, other rules do apply.


Date: Saturday June 1st
Time: 4pm to 6pm SLT
Where: Raven Park
Music by: Eve Terr

See you there. If not, you might end up locked up in a mall. And that never ends well.

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