Steampunk Dance

Yesterday's Raven Park dance, with its Steampunk theme, was loads of fun. This time we had a slightly different venue again (normally we use the Femdom Cafe, although we have used the Mansion ballroom once) after Somehow Peccable and Emma Sunshine (of Drow Science and Sunshine Technology) donated a copy of their amazing Prometheus-Class Steampunk Aircraft Carrier:

Emma was also kind enough to put out and configure a copy of their not-quite-released-yet helitaxi. This meant that anyone landing at Raven Park could jump in the vehicle and be carried up to the carrier:

Real fun and a rather classy way to get to the dance.

As for the dance itself... here's a few photos:

As always, we'd like to thank Eve Terr of Evelock for providing the music. And, again, special thanks go to Some and Emma for the floating venue. See over here for more details about the build.

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