Five new products

Sometimes, as with the release of our popular sci-fi cells, a one-off build will lead to another. A couple of weeks ago this happened again. After being asked if we'd make a cell that'd work well on a sandy island/beach setup, we got to thinking that it shouldn't stand alone as a build in that style. And so another build to go with it happened.

Today we'd delighted to announce the release of the Z&A Palm Tree:

We think it'll be the perfect place to relax on a beach, nice and shady, while your sub or slave gets to have some time out of their cell. As well as containing a full RLV device (the palm tree itself) it comes with a beach mat that contains six poses for the Domme.

Today we're also releasing the "Z&A Bend Over Floor Plates". These are very secure and handy anchor points that should help those in need of punishment to "assume the position":

Finally, we are also releasing the first in what will be a line of "reboots" of some of our very original builds. These will be remade, from scratch, with the all new scripts and all in mesh and as low on land impact as possible. This project to "reboot" our early days starts with the Z&A Turntable:

Over the next weeks and months other builds, inspired by our original builds, will appear as these new product ranges grow.

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