A catalogue and more copy editions

While we love having a main store in-world, and we're rather proud of it (and also feel it's important that people can come and play with our products before purchase), we've long thought that it would be handy for people if there was some way of browsing our products on a website of some sort.

Sure, we have a marketplace store (well, we have three, including the Raven Street marketplace and Antony's too), but the problem with that is it's pretty much one long list of products. Handy if you know exactly what you're looking for but not so easy to navigate if you want a casual browse for a certain type of product.

With this in mind we've started working on a set of Pinterest boards that serve as a catalogue of some of our products.

At the moment we're concentrating on our newer builds, vehicles and restraints but we imagine that the list will grow over time. Each item in the boards is created to link to the relevant page on the Second Life marketplace.

The project to start to make copy editions of some products is coming along nicely. When we have a bit of spare time we put out another copy edition or two. As of the time of writing there are 22 products in the store with copy editions available.

As mentioned originally the choice of products that get copy permission editions is dictated by what people have and are asking for, and only those from the range of products that use the new script engine. If you see a particular product that you'd like a copy edition of just let us know and we'll make sure it happens sooner rather than later.

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