Two new products

Anyone closely watching the blog will have noticed that, given the frequency of product releases this year, we've been rather quiet recently. It's almost a whole month since we last released a new product. There's a few reasons for this, most of which relate to the launch of The Femdom Hunt IV. So, as tends to happen around this time of year, we're busy in the background planning and handling TFH as well as plotting and planning our gifts.

All that said, this week, we do have a new release. Once again it's a "reboot" of an older product, built as mesh, using our newer device script system and matching the growing light and dark wood ranges:

These forced-kneeling posts will look great, bolted to the floor of any dungeon, keeping your victim on their knees and focused on you.

As always these new products are available from the new product area in the main store and on our main marketplace shop. You'll also find them available at some of our mall locations and also through many of our affiliates.

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