A special offer

As you might imagine, most of the products that Z&A make get used by Antony and his Mistress. Some are in permanent use (Antony wears a Z&A Sub-Focus, a Z&A Sub-HUD and a Z&A Sub-Allowance 24/7) whereas others get occasional use (Raven Park has many Z&A products out for general use, and Vila and Antony's home contains some too, of course).

A firm favourite of Vila's right now is the combination of the Z&A Sub-Allowance and the Z&A Punishment Picker. Since late on last year the rule has been this: Antony gets a top-up for whichever part of his allowance is getting low, whenever he feels he needs it, but he also has to pick an item from the Punishment Picker. This has resulted in sorts of awkward situations for him. Sometimes it works out in his favour, sometimes not. It's all down to what's written in the notecard (which, of course, his Mistress can edit any time she wishes) and the random values that get picked.

Given how much Vila is enjoying this combination it was decided that, until the end of the month, we'd run a special offer on these two products:

So, the idea is, you head down to our main store (or to the marketplace, or to PrimBay, or from one of our affiliates) and buy a Z&A Sub-Allowance. Then take a look at the available Punishment Pickers (you can see them all listed here on the Z&A Catalogue), decide which one you like and IM Antony Fairport and let him know which one you want. When he's next able to he'll deliver you your choice of Punishment Picker (this should happen within 24 hours -- do feel free to drop him a follow-up in case it doesn't).

Delivery of the Punishment Picker will be from our CasperVend system so it'll only happen when you're online and we'll be able to know you got the product okay.

Also, there's no limit to the offer: if you've got more than one sub/slave that you wish to buy a Sub-Allowance for you get a free Punishment Picker for every purchase. That way they can have their own special set of punishments, tasks, payments, whatever...

If you have any questions about this offer please don't hesitate to drop Antony a line.

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