Reintroducing: The Punishment Picker

It's over three years now since we released the first couple of Punishment Pickers and they've been very popular (especially with Antony's Mistress who, these days, has him pick a fresh punishment from hers in payment for every allowance top-up he gets). Over those years we've had a few requests for one-off specials or little custom tweaks. The most common requests were:

  • A version with the hover text turned off.
  • A version that said "reward" or "task" rather than "punishment".

During the recent Christmas break, as a slight diversion from working on a new product range that should appear next month, Antony decided it was finally time to rewrite the Punishment Picker code to allow for the above. So, as of today, our Punishment Picker range has been relaunched. They work just as before: the "victim" touches the object and a random punishment, with random times and values, is picked for them (the punishments themselves being editable by you to suit your own taste and needs).

However, for the owner of the picker, there's now an admin menu available if they "long touch" (press and hold their mouse button on the object for more than 2 seconds). This menu lets you configure the hover text so that it's always on, always off or on but disappears after a set amount of time. It also lets you load one of up to nine different lists that you can create yourself (it still comes with an example punishment list). These lists can be named anything you want and will affect what the "picker" calls the results.

So, long story short: whereas before a punishment picker just picked punishments... now you can modify it to pick tasks, ordeals, jobs, rewards, treats, outfits, party themes, questions.... anything you can think of.

You'll find the new range of Punishment Pickers on Antony's marketplace store:


You can also find them (and an example to test) in our main store.

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