Two new products and a New Year gift

Happy New year everyone. We thought we'd kick off 2014 with a product release (and a gift too, more on that in a moment). This is a "reboot" of our popular "Barred Frame", designed as part of the light and dark ranges of mesh dungeon furniture:

You'll find both these products in the new products section of the main store, on the Second Life marketplace (light, dark) and also on PrimBay (light, dark). Copy versions are also available in the main store and on PrimBay (light, dark).

Talking of the new year, in case you missed it while enjoying the festivities, you can find our review of Z&A's 2013 here on the blog in part 1 and part 2.

And, while we're talking about things that happened last year, we thought it might be fun to make a product that was built as a dance gift last year available again for a limited time. So, for at least the next 24 hours, if you're in the main store, feel free to grab your own free copy of the Z&A Productions Steam-Powered Electrostimulator:

You'll find the board above the shop vehicle rezzers, just next to the reception desk.

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