Reintroducing the Z&A Carry Restraints

When we introduced the new restraint system back in February this year the plan was to both create new restraints for Z&A as well as reintroduce some of our older ones with a lot more functionality. The first batch of releases included restraints old and new and since then we've released some more new ones (including gags, nipple pins, arm ropes and one or two items falling on the sillier end of the restraint spectrum).

One set of restraints we intended to reintroduce was what we've always referred to as our "carry restraints". This little range started life with a single one-off product, a product which was largely responsible for launching the idea of The Femdom Hunt: the Z&A Shopping Bags. Once the hunt was over and they went on sale we got a request for a similar product, and then there was the build for the Velvet Thorn pirate hunt, followed by a build for a TMS birthday... Finally we had four variations in this mini range.

Today we're reintroducing them all using the new restraint system. This means that as well as the flexible lock mode they also have the admin system and the timer. On top of that they all now provide lots of control over a sensible set of restrictions and the name that the victim is shown as having by the gagging facility can be set by the key holder.

The carry restraints that are available are:

As always you'll find them in our main store as well as on the Second Life marketplace (click on the images above to be taken to their listings).

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