Three new products and some more reboots

Now and again circumstances have a way of coming together in such a way that a build just has to happen. Recently we had a couple of customers ask us if it would be possible to make wearable versions of two of our display devices. As it was, given that we'd recently written our brand new restraint system, we'd considered doing something like it but just hadn't got round to it yet. As normally happens, we didn't make any promises when asked (it's often hard to guarantee times in-world and we don't like to make promises we can't keep) but kept the request in mind.

Late last week and over the weekend Antony got to playing with the idea and the result is a small range of "wearable devices". The idea behind these is that they're attachments, items you wear, and they use our restraint system, but they act as much as possible like devices the victim is sat and locked on. This is done by taking away their ability to move around by walking and flying. The main benefit of this is that your sub or slave could have a small collection of "dungeon furniture" in their #RLV folder and you could attach it to them and put them on display, even in areas where you don't have rez rights.

Here are the first three products in that range:

Keen-eyed Z&A customers will notice that one of the above is based on one of our older products. So, given that we were revisiting the Z&A Five Point Shackle Rod, we decided to give it a reboot and, while we were at it, we did the same to the Z&A Sitting Cross. As usual, these are new products, made with mesh, with lower land impact and with the newer device system:

As always you can find these products in the new product display area in our main store, as well as on the Second Life marketplace.

PS: While we're on the subject of customers getting in contact, earlier today a customer dropped a couple of photos on us showing them having some ponyplay fun while wearing the Z&A Contact Lenses, giving the world around them a little extra sense of mystery:

Many thanks to Dolly (Jamiee Daines) for sharing with us, and giving us permission to show them off.

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