Z&A Anti-Cam and a stable

Today we're releasing two new products. The first is one of the final reintroductions of an older product that now makes use of the new restraint code. The second is something a little different for us. More on that in a moment.

First off is the reintroduced Z&A Anti-Cam:

This is a HUD that makes use of the new attachment locking system (and so works with the Z&A Restraint HUD). Once locked in place, and once anti-cam is turned on (it's off by default), the wearer will have their ability to cam around a region controlled. There is a choice of two punishments: the first is that their vision will become more and more blurred the further away they cam, the second is that the moment they get too far they're simply blinded. Your choice.

How far they're allowed to cam can be controlled and there's a "safe region" system so regions where anti-cam isn't enforced can be set -- handy if your sub or slave needs to be able to build in a selected sandbox, or they fulfil a helper or security role somewhere and camming is vital.

The next product isn't RLV-related in any way. It's a simple building that Antony built late on last week when the need arose due to his current circumstance and we thought others might find it useful. It's a simple small mesh stable:

Just the thing to keep a pony in, and a sprinkle of RLV can be added by simply rezzing a Z&A Hay Bale Bed inside it.

You can find both these products in the main store as well as on our Second Life marketplace.

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