Two new products and more reboots

Today we're releasing two new restraints as well as a handful more reboots of older products.

First though, the restraints: Both are actually kind of silly, one more so than the other. The first is a soap gag, perfect for those subs and slaves who need reminding to watch their language:

The second restraint is.... well, actually, it's not really a restraint as such. It's an attachment. And it's RLV-lockable with the usual timer and admin system of our other newer restraints. But it doesn't really restrain so much as provide a form of humiliation as punishment. Rather than try and actually explain it, let's just show it....

We call it the Z&A Thought. Think of it as an RLV-enabled comedy titler thing without the part that green-text spams people around you begging them to set the text. The person who locks it on sets the text, and the colour. And.... yeah, really, we're not sure what we were thinking either. But Antony once had the thought, and he made it, and it's finally released because you should share a thought. ;)

As mentioned earlier, we also have reboots of some earlier products. All use the new device script system and some have lower land impact too. First off we have a reworking of the Z&A Leaning Cross:

Just the thing if you want to hang your victim over a water's edge, cliff, small fire, pool of piranhas, etc...

Next we have the Z&A Staked Wide, in both the dark and light wood versions to match our more recent dungeon equipment releases:

Finally, we have reboots of the Wooden Pet Cage, again in light and dark wood versions:

As always you'll find all these products in our main store as well as on the Second Life Marketplace.

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