Two new products

Today we're releasing two new restraints. They are a pair of yokes that are designed to work with your favourite set of LockMeister-compatible cuffs (a set is included for those who don't have a set of LockMeister-compatible cuffs).

The first is a metal yoke:

As well as having a yoke-oriented set of RLV restrictions (which can, of course, be turned on and off to suit your taste or needs) you also have the option to change the style of the yoke between a slightly shiny steel or a rusty look. If you use the supplied cuffs they also change texture to match.

If cold hard metal isn't your thing we also have a wooden yoke:

As well as having the same RLV options as the metal yoke this too is also texture change, giving six different styles of wood to choose from (the metal parts change between steel and rust depending on the choice of wood).

You can find both these products in the new product area of our main store, as well as on the Second Life Marketplace (just click on either of the images above to be taken to the listings).

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