Three new cells

Today we're releasing three new cells into the main store and onto the Second Life Marketplace. The first completes the rebooting of our original science-fiction themed cells, providing a "brig" style cell that uses an invisible force-field (which becomes visible when bumped into) to keep the inmates inside. We call it the Field Brig:

Next we have a very rustic-looking cell made out of simple wooden planks:

Finally, we have a slightly different style of cell. It is designed to look grand in an outdoor setting and has been given a balcony where those who control the freedom (or lack of freedom) of others can stand (or sit -- it could be the perfect spot to site a throne). We simply call it the Balcony Cell:

All three cells can be found in the new products area of our main store as well as on the Second Life Marketplace (simply click any of the images above to be taken to their listings). You can also find copy-permission versions of these cells in the main store.

PS: Don't forget that, until Christmas, you can pick up a free RLV Christmas tree as well as a RLV snowman and subbie gift box while you're in the main store.

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