Two new products

It's new year's eve, so just enough time to squeeze one more product release into 2014. Today we're releasing another addition to our small range of wearable devices, as well as adding another cell to our growing line of new cells.

The new wearable device is a version of our body cage. Unsurprisingly we're calling it the wearable body cage:

As with the other items in this product range it's designed to provide something that appears to be a normal Z&A device but one that can be used in no-rez areas because it's really an attached restraint. Once worn it denies the victim any ability to move and the menus give access to a number of relevant RLV restrictions.

The menus also give a choice of three different metal textures:

You can find this in the new product area (as well as the restraints and gadgets area) of our main store as well as on the marketplace.

Today's new cell is designed to look like a cross between a cage and a shipping container. We call it the metal container:

On top of all the usual Z&A cell goodies the owner menu provides a choice of different metal styles:

If you'd like to see and try out this cell in person you'll find it in the new product area of our main store and, of course, it's available from the Second Life marketplace. If you'd prefer a copy-permission version you can also purchase that from the main store.

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