Three new products

This week we're adding three very different products to the main store and onto the Second Life marketplace. The first is another wearable version of the Z&A Punishment Picker. We first introduced a wearable version back in February this year when we made the Misfortune Cookies available. Today we're introducing the Z&A Keyring:

As you'd expect it has all the features of all the other punishment pickers as well as the added advantage that you can use it anywhere you like.

Next, we have a reboot of one of our oldest products, the Z&A Tree:

This version is now all mesh, has three different poses for the victim and comes with a separate tree bench for the Domme that contains eight different poses. The owner's menu allows you to change the colour of the leaves, with a selection of eight different colours:

There are also seven bark texture choices too:

Finally, the owner also has the option of turning on or off falling/fallen leaves:

This effect is, of course, available for all the leaf colour options.

Finally, we have a reboot of one of our older SciFi-themed cells. We call this one the "Boxed Field":

The inmates are held in place by an invisible force field, which becomes visible if anyone on the inside (or outside) bumps into it.

You can find all of these new products in the Z&A main store as well as on the Second Life marketplace (in the case of the Z&A Keyring you'll find that on the Z&A Marketplace store that's maintained by Antony).

Please note that, due to its size, the Z&A Tree isn't on display in the new products section of the main store. Look for it in the courtyard garden of the shop. The Z&A Keyring can be found in the Punishment Picker vendor board on the back wall of the shop, near the gags and restraints.

In the case of the tree and the cell you'll find copy permission versions available in the main store.

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