Z&A Goggles and a new cell

Today we're releasing two very different products into the main store and onto the Second Life Marketplace. The first is another addition to our range of RLV restraints and gadgets. This is a pair of goggles designed to give someone control over your eyesight. We call them the Z&A Goggles:

The goggles, much like our contact lenses, give control over the victim's environment, allowing it to be set to various levels of darkness, going from perfectly clear:

to very dark:

As well as making things dark you can also control how sharp, or blurred, the victim's vision is. Eight different levels of "blur" are provided, going as far as:

Of course, if you feel the need to really punish them, you can combine the darkness and the blur.

Complete darkness is also an option so, of course, the goggles can be used as a blindfold of sorts.

On top of the above there's also control over various aspects of the victim's vision, so you can turn on or off the ability to see names of avatars around them, see hover text over objects, see their location and maps, etc. Finally there's also an optional forced-mouselook mode.

The goggles themselves are designed to look as if they're made from latex and they come with a menu option for selecting from a range of different colours.

Another release this week is an addition to our new cell range. Designed as a small rustic wooden cage we call it, surprisingly, the Wooden Cage:

You can find both these items in the new releases section of our main store as well as on the Second Life Marketplace. If you would prefer a copy-permission version of the cell it is also available in the main store.

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