Eight new cells

First product release of 2015 and, to start things off, we're getting a little carried away. Given that it was the Christmas and New Year break we had a bit of spare RL time to go a little crazy with the building. So, today, we're adding eight cells to the new range of RLV cells.

We have four different style of cells that should work in a good range of outdoor locations:

Z&A Cell (Breeze Block)

Z&A Cell (Fading Bricks)

Z&A Cell (Red Brick)

Z&A Cell (Stone & Ivy)
Also with the outdoors in mind, sometimes you want to keep people up off the ground, out of harms way. For that we have the stilt cell:

Z&A Cell (Wood Stilt)
Z&A Cell (Metal Stilt)
The metal stilt cell's owner menu provides access to a texture change option, letting you select between rust, steel, shiny steel or copper. This is also true for this cell:

Z&A Cell (Metal Box)

Finally, we have a rebuild of the police box cell:

Z&A Cell (Police Box)

You can find all of these new cells in the new product area of our main store (well, almost all -- the two stilt cells are too tall to fit so you'll find them in the cell wing of the store) as well as on the Second Life marketplace (just click on any of the above to be taken to their listings). If you'd like copy-permission versions of any of the cells they're available from the main store.

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