Three new cells

Today we're releasing three new cells into the main store and onto the Second Life Marketplace. The first addition to the new range of cells is a brand new design, made of bricks with an arched front and iron railings. We call it the Archway Cell:

While a great stand-alone cell, the design is such that copies can easily be aligned on the usual build grid and the textures on the front will remain seamless, allowing you to make a great row of cells:

Anyone wishing to do this will benefit from buying a copy permission version which can always be found in the main store.

We're also releasing new versions of our paddock cells, perfect for those into all sorts of pet play. These cells are a little unique when compared to our normal offerings in that they can be escaped from when the gate is open, assuming your pet is capable of jumping over the fence. But once the gate is closed they can no longer jump out.

The Paddock Cell is available in two sizes. The small (approx 4x4m):

and the large (approx 8x8m):

You can find these releases in the new products section of the main store (well, not the large Paddock Cell, it's a little too large for that -- but you can find it outside in the courtyard garden) so do please feel free to come and try them out. You can also find them on our Second Life marketplace store.

As mentioned earlier, if you prefer copy-permission versions you'll find them in the main store.

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