Shiver with anticipation

Later today, over at The Velvet Thorn, they're having their usual pair of Friday dances. This week the theme is one that we really love, one we can't miss out on. And, like the last time this theme was used over there, we've decided to make a gift available.

Or, rather, we've dusted off the gift from last time, remade it in mesh and have rebuilt it with the new cell system. So, until at least tomorrow morning SL time (in other words when Antony next gets in to tidy up after overdoing the party thing) until some time on Thursday, when the set at VT will be removed, if you head to our satellite shop in the Velvet Thorn mall, or come to any of the Velvet Thorn dances during this time, look for this vendor:

Make sure that VT is your active group (that part is important) and touch the vendor to get your very own gift of a Z&A Freezer Cell.

Meat Loaf not included.

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