Happy 7th birthday Velvet Thorn

Like last year, we're a bit early with this; the actual anniversary is the 20th but festivities kick off tomorrow and, given that RL can get in the way of weekends...

The Velvet Thorn is about to turn 7 so we've made available a little thing we first made last year, the Velvet Thorn History Map:

It's now updated to cover to the start of this month. So, if you want to have a look at how the region has changed and evolved since early 2009 (the earliest date that we can find map data for), just head over to our satellite shop in the VT mall:

 and find the box with the above texture on it (it's below the cells vendor board):

and buy your very own copy (it's L$0, obviously).

Happy birthday Velvet Thorn!

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