Five new products

Not everything made by Z&A is RLV-oriented. Most is, but not absolutely everything. One small line of products that isn't is the Domme/sub thrones and other seating that was first introduced back in 2011. As with other products ranges in the past year this is now being retired in favour of a new line based on fresh scripting and, where it makes sense, mesh.

The first releases in this new product range can be round in the main store and on the Second Life marketplace. They are:

As before, these are designed to be low-cost and low-land-impact Domme/sub seating. Nothing terribly fancy, just a perfect place to sit down and be together. Each one contains a number of poses for the Domme as well as the sub; all controlled by the Domme. The Domme and sub also get simple adjustment menus so they can tweak the position of each pose and, usefully, the Domme gets an "unsit" option so they can remove a sub who might have decided to join them without permission.

You can find all of the above to try out in the new product section of the main store, and they're all also available on the Second Life marketplace (just click on the images above to be taken to their listings). For those who would prefer a copy-permission version they are also now available from the main store.

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