Zombie dance

The zombie apocalypse started on Raven Park again yesterday but, thanks to the brave efforts of many people, the walking dead were defeated! Even better, the region survived the huge onslaught of bullets and whatever the heck it was that Emma was shooting. ;)

There's an album of photos from the event over on imgur. Here's a few highlights:

It's good to know who your friends are. Either
that or Anna is a terrible shot.

Many thanks to Miss Eve for some great music and also for the build. And the zombies. So! Many! Zombies! We should be back in a couple of weeks, likely with something a little more sedate, easier on the region and with fewer weapons.


  1. Let us hope that if there really IS a zombie invasion, I am not the only one with a gun. :D

    1. At least I figured out that the safest place is in front of you. ;)