The chocolate vault

Yesterday's blog post about how all of the old cells had been retired wasn't exactly correct. At least one old style cell was lurking in Antony's inventory that needed an update; the new scripts, rebuilt in mesh giving lower land impact, a little sprinkle of materials too. So, yesterday evening, he set to work and produced a brand new cell based on a similar design.

But what to do with it? See, this one has a flaw. This one isn't wholly escape-proof if the inmates can guess what to do. We can't exactly charge for it. Who'd pay for a cell with such an obvious design flaw? There was only one solution.... give it away!

Yes, that's right, the (in)famous chocolate cell is back in the form of the Chocolate Vault. For the whole of this weekend you'll find it available via a Midnight Madness board on the first floor (European scheme) of the cells section of our main store. It's set to deliver as soon as the target is reached and it should, hopefully, reset again every (Second Life) midnight.

It'll be left out until at least Monday.

So, if you fancy a chance of grabbing a free fully-working (albeit fully-working with a silly escape mechanism) Z&A cell just come down and slap the board. And bring 29 friends.

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