Z&A Quicksand

After retiring the old version of the welcome mat back in January it seemed to make sense to do the same thing with another fun Z&A RLV trap: the quicksand. This replacement version includes many of the features added to the welcome mat, including things like much greater control over what clothing and attachments are removed if stripping happens, the option to support "smart strip" and, in the case of the quicksand, control over additional RLV restrictions that are applied while the victim is held.

You can find a copy of the quicksand to try out in the new product section of the main store (and also further afield, on the beach you'll find at the other and of the Z&A plot, on the other side of the Evelock store) and, of course, you'll also find a copy on the Second Life marketplace.

As with all our other releases, if a copy-permission version is what you need, you'll also find that in the main store.

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