Z&A Beach Towels

While it is, without a doubt, rather hemispherist, there's no question that we're heading into the months of the calendar that are thought of as summer on the grid. With this in mind, and firmly believing that RLV has its place on the beach too (see the Z&A Palm Tree and Z&A Bamboo Hut for example), now seemed like a very good time to reboot one of the few remaining original Z&A products.

So, available now in the main store and on the Second Life Marketplace, is the Z&A Beach Towels:

This set comprises of a beach towel for the Domme, a RLV staked out beach towel for a sub and also a RLV-enabled beach umbrella to keep a second sub safe.

The owner menu for each of the items contains options that provide a range of fabric and wood colours and styles, giving plenty of scope for mix and match.

In total there are six different fabric colour options and six different wood textures to choose from.

If you'd like to have a look at them and give them a try out you'll find the beach towels in the new product section of the main store and, of course, they're also available from the Second Life Marketplace. If you'd prefer a copy-permission version you'll also find them available in the main store.

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