Z&A Region Info HUD

Some recent changes to Second Life have meant that scripts can get at some extra information about a region. As a result of trying these changes out a little handy thing was made. Given that it might be useful to others it's being made available to anyone who would like a copy:

Worn as a HUD it shows a mini version of the region's map as well as some hover text with some key information above it.

When touched it dumps more detailed information about the region into local chat:

Some of the information is displayed as clickable links that will take you to a browser. So, for example, the region software version number will take you to the relevant release notes on the Second Life Wiki (so you can see why a region got a restart during rolling restart day), the different map tile versions take you to different zoom views of the grid around the region, etc.

To get a copy simply drop in on the free product section of the main store, or grab it from Antony's Second Life marketplace.

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