Two new products

Although it's over 2 years now since the project to retire the original Z&A products was launched, one or two such products still remain. Now that the business of launching the new cell system is complete some work is being done to retire the last few original builds. Expect news about a special group of releases at the start of next month (more news on this later this month).

Meanwhile, as part of this process, there are two new products in the main store and on the Second Life marketplace. The first is a reboot of the popular chandler. This new product is a chandler that has candles, has 3 different poses for your victim and also has a system for fitting it to ceilings of different heights while keeping the victim at your chosen height off the ground.

As with other Z&A products that involve lighting this one has a setup menu for the owner that lets you select if the lights (in this case the candles) should be always on, always off or set to automatic (only on when the sun on the region is below the horizon).

The next new product is a simple chestnut stool that seats both the Domme and a helpful sub.

You can find both of these products on the Second Life marketplace (just click on the images above to be taken to their listings) as well as in the new product section of the main store. If you'd prefer copy-permission versions of either of the above you'll find them available in the main store.

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