Z&A Pipe Bed

New in the main store and on the Second Life marketplace is a simple metal-framed bed that's perfect for chaining your property to. It's the Z&A Pipe Bed:

As well as having all the usual features of a Z&A hold and display device it also has a collection of 10 different poses and animations, including some sleeps:

A simple lazing about:

Some well-restrained poses:

and, if the victim is lucky, a couple of ways to enjoy a little "light relief":

(the last two at least are likely best enjoyed completely naked).

The owner's setup menu also gives a choice of 4 different metal styles for the bed frame:

You can find this product in the new products section of the main store as well as on the Second Life marketplace. If you'd prefer a copy-permission version you'll also find that available in the main store.

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