Z&A Field Tube Cell

It's been a good while since I made a very sci-fi looking cell. This new release in the main store and on the Second Life Marketplace puts that right:

Working in a similar way to the Floor Field, Field Brig and Boxed Field, the Field Tube (as I'm calling it) has what appears to be an open doorway but, in reality, it has an invisible force field which only becomes visible when someone bumps into it.

The cell itself is designed to make good use of materials and, I think, looks especially striking in dark settings with projector lighting.

It should fit well into many sci-fi scenarios, as well as being the perfect place to keep your latex/rubber-clad toys.

You can see and try out a copy of the cell in the new product area of the main store. As well as being available for sale in the store, you'll also find it (in transfer and copy versions) on the Second Life marketplace.

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