Z&A Guest Vendor: The ~AC Convict Dress

While the Z&A shop is filled with all sorts of cells, allowing all sorts of custody and incarceration role play, something that's in very short support is any clothing to match. Until today, that is.

See, quite some time ago, Anna was sweet and kind enough to make Antony (in his alternate form: Toni) the perfect convict dress for a particular Raven Park dance. Almost one year on and the dress is available from her Marketplace Store.

Given that the dress is the perfect match for the Z&A Custody Block cell, or the Caged Cage, or the Concrete Cage, or a few others, it seemed to make sense to nag her into allowing it to go on sale in the Z&A main store.

So, starting today, you'll find this gem around the shop, near a couple of cells that it might go really well with:

As always, do try the demo (just hit the board and request the demo).

Head over to the Z&A Main Store, or simply pop over to Anna's MP, if you'd like to try it out.

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