Z&A Vehicle (Chariot)

Today it's time for the release of another "refit" vehicle. As with the last couple of weeks, this is another vehicle where the dominant gets to relax (well, sort of, in this case) while the sub/slave does all the hard work. This is a refit of the Z&A Chariot:

It uses the new vehicle system (so has fewer scripts and uses less script memory), has had a refresh of the texture work (with a nice sprinkle of materials added), and has a lower land impact too (LI6 vs LI11 for the older version).

The vehicle has a RLV-controlled driver's position, and a position for the passenger in the main part of the chariot.

The passenger's animation has them occasionally whipping the driver, and that wouldn't make much sense without a whip, would it? So the vehicle has a menu option that gives a copy/transfer prop whip.

The vehicle itself is simple to drive and, as with all of the Z&A vehicles, is designed to be accessible with easy-to-use menu options and appropriate RLV options to keep the victim nice and secure for the duration of the ride.

For those who wish to make the vehicle available for public use on their region, there's a public rezzer version too:

As well as including the normal vehicle (there's no need to buy both if you want a personal vehicle and a public rezzer version) it also includes a rezzer object that will rez copies of the vehicle that anyone can drive -- with a full clean-up system that ensures your region doesn't fill up with unwanted chariots.

If you'd like to try the vehicle out, see what it looks like, see how it drives, etc, do feel free to pop down to the main store and head to the vehicle test area where you'll find a rezzer set up. As well as vendor boards in the main store you'll also find the vehicle and the rezzer for sale on the Second Life marketplace.

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