Raven Park dance this Saturday

This Saturday Raven Park dances return after their short break and, this time, we're sort of going "on tour" again.

The reason is... there's a new shop showing up on the region. I'm not exactly sure when this started; there's a rumour of an extractor hood being made (and likely worn) in a Linden home a good couple or more years ago, there's also Doctor Who onesies, oil painting dresses, punishment pants (don't ask) and any number of other "I know, I'll make our outfits for a dance!". There's also lots of Raven Park dance sets over the last couple of years. However it got started, and however it turned into a thing, Anna has been encouraged (and nagged) to join the ranks of creators with an in-world shop.

The shop is filled with clothing of all sorts, with a large emphasis on role play costumes, both general (male and female convict outfits, for example) and more specific (space cowboy, anyone?). Given that Anna can be a little shy about showing her stuff off Miss Eve and I decided it would be a good idea to inform her that she's formally opening the shop this Saturday with a party.


Date: Saturday September 2nd
Time: 3pm to 5pm SLT
Where: ~AC
Music by: Eve Terr

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