Four new products

We're happy to announce the release of four new products. The first is a version of our popular low-prim, multi-pose throne that has been textured to nicely matche the black and chrome range of items in our store:

Adding to the range of outdoor bondage equipment we have the Z&A Quadripod. This is RLV-enabled and comes with three different poses:

Finally, we have two RLV-enabled holding cells. These were first made as a gift that we gave out at the Beaumont BDSM Fun Day last year. These cells are very low prim (only 4 prims each) and have a number of different poses for the inmate. Note that these cells are hold-and-display type cells rather than walk-in cells as you'll find in our cell shop.

We have a version in concrete and rust:

and one that comes in black and chrome:

You'll find all of these products in the new products area of our main store, and also on the marketplace.

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