Guest Vendor: Evelock

Today sees the start of what we think is a fun experiment. After seeing something similar in a (very vanilla) store while we were both out shopping a few weeks ago, we've decided to try the idea of having a guest vendor in our main store. By this we don't mean that we've added an affiliate board or two to the store, by this we mean we've invited a vendor to come and place a board in our store.

We wanted to invite a content creator who makes items that we like, and who caters for a similar customer base as we do. The choice of who to invite was simple. For the next two weeks we're delighted to be able to host a guest vendor board from Evelock:

The Evelock vendor board is easy to find. Just come down to our main store, walk in the front door, and look to your right. You can't miss it.

Note also the box below the vendor board. Just buy from that (at a price of L$0) and you'll receive some wonderful Evelock freebies.

PS: Don't forget, it's only a week to go now until we at Z&A celebrate the second anniversary of our first shop opening.

Be sure to make some time in your calendar next weekend so you can come do the mini-hunt.

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