The Z&A Productions Birthday Mini-Hunt

It's on! The Z&A Productions 2nd birthday mini-hunt is now under way. You're invited to come down to our main store, slap the hunt board, and then take a nice wander around Z&A and Raven Park and pick up some gifts we've made you.

To get going just look in the folder you'll have been given by the hunt board and have a read of the notecard called Z&A Productions Second Birthday Mini-Hunt Hints. In there you'll find the hints for finding each gift. The hints should be fairly easy to follow -- we've not designed this hunt to be hard to do, we've not been devious in hiding the objects, we just want this to be a nice stroll around Z&A and Raven park.

Please treat this hunt as if the usual set of hunt rules apply. Short version: be nice, have fun, and please don't go giving away the locations of the gifts.

If you have any particular problems please don't hesitate to IM Antony Fairport or Zardia Avindar. And please do feel free to make use of the Friends of Z&A group if you get stuck.

PS: While you're in the main store, don't forget to take a look at our guest vendor board.

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