Seven new products

We're delighted to announce that we've released seven new products into the main store and onto the marketplace.

First up, we have two more cells, both with a glass theme. The first one is very modern-looking, mixing concrete with the glass:

The second is a pretty stained glass and painted metal cell:

We've also released a perfect item of equipment if you have a spare corner in a room in your home, or dungeon. The Z&A Corner Chained has been released in black, rosewood and rust textures:

Finally, we've released a new RLV-enabled bed. This, like our others, is designed as a bed that can help turn a spare room into a cell of sorts. However, the Z&A Pipe Bed (which comes in chrome and rust textures) is a little different from our others in that the Domme can sit on the bed too. The sub should always sit (or be caught) on the bed first, the Domme should sit second. In most cases the Domme's pose will be one where she stands, leaning impatiently, at the foot of the bed. However, things get a little more intimate when the sub is chained spreadeagle.

All of these products are out on display, and available for purchase, in the new products area of the main store (you'll find the two new cells in the cell shop, the building next to the main store). We'd be delighted if you popped down and gave them a try. And, of course, they're all available from the marketplace too.

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